New Tie!

Nicky bought me a new tie so I thought I would try an eldredge knot.  Fancy!

Eldredge Knot

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Jasmine Wins Science Fair

Jasmine tested the drinking water quality of Four Tempe Parks for her science project this year. During the review period, there were a number of parents who stopped in to read on her project. It was very popular. She won first place for her project!


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Time for a New Computer!

After much planning we decided to get a new laptop.  The only question was which one to purchase?  Being Apple people the options were either the Macbook Air or the Macbook Pro.  If you haven’t owned an Apple computer lately you should give them a try.

The Macbook Pro comes with the new Retina Display which is similar to the resolution of the super clear screens of the new iPhones.  The Macbook air weights only 2 lbs and is tiny so there is a benefit in the portability of the product. In the end we decided to go with the Pro model.  Exciting!

- W

New Macbook Pro with Retina Display!

New Macbook Pro with Retina Display!

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Happy New Year!

The world didn’t end in December, which is good.  We are all still here!

I just started my new job at ASU’s Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development.  Things are looking great so far so I hope everyone is doing well and we will post our new years resolutions shortly.

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A Christmas Song

We recorded a family Christmas song for your enjoyment:

  • Nicky (Piano)
  • Lilian (Violin)
  • Jasmine (Violin)
  • Wayne (Guitar)

Link: Carol of the Bells

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Christmas is always a special holiday for our family.  We celebrated Christmas this year with both of our families.  We spent time with the Parkhurst’s on Dec 22 in our annual White Elephant Party.  On Christmas Eve we had dinner with the Deschine’s at our home.  Then we met with the Parkhurst’s again at Grandpa Wayne’s house where we exchanged family gifts.  We then hit the casino for some late night gaming.  Then the next day we celebrated Christmas by opening the rest of our gifts.  Greta and Chris were not able to join us in town this year.

Christmas eve was spent with the Parkhurst’s at in Phoenix at Grandpa Wayne’s house.

In attendance:

  • Wayne, Nicky, Lily, Jasmine
  • Great Grandma Mary Lou, Grandpa Wayne, Grandma Milly, Grandpa Olen
  • Mike, Taylor, Andre
  • Kristy, Levine, Lincoln
  • Krystal
  • Floyd, Tamaris, Star

Christmas Day was spent with the Deschine’s at our home in Tempe.

  • Wayne, Nicky, Lily, Jasmine
  • DesiRae
  • Jon, Victoria
  • Kristy, Lincoln
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White Elephant

This is our annual family gift exchange. Rather than draw names, we buy new gifts and do our gift exchange white elephant style.

Participants: Wayne, Nicky, Grandpa Wayne, Grandma Milly, DesiRae, Jon, Victoria, Mike, Taylor, Kristy, Krystal, Floyd, Tamaris

We kept the kids busy with a gingerbread house project: Lilian, Jasmine, Andre, Levine, Lincoln, Star

Photos from our party:

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